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Label en cuir, colori 001

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Label en cuir, colori 003

Label en cuir, colori 004

Rond Blanco 2 cm

Rond Heart 2 cm

Rond Star 2 cm

Rond Moon 2 cm

Rond Cloud 2 cm

Rond Cactus 2 cm

Rond Duck 2 cm

Rond Sheep 2 cm

Rond Cow 2 cm

Rond Deer 2 cm

Rond Home 2 cm

Rond Knitting 2 cm

Rond Crochet 2 cm

Rond Blanco 3,5 cm

Rond Handmade 3,5 cm

Rond Made with Love 3,5 cm

Rond Twinkle Kleine Ster 3,5 cm

To the Moon and back 3,5 cm

Rond Hugs and Kisses 3,5 cm

Rond Home Sweet Home 3,5 cm

Rond Knitted with Love 3,5 cm

Blanco 7x1 cm

Handmade with Love 7x1 cm

Made with Love 7x1 cm

Live Love Laugh 7x1 cm

Enjoy Life 7x1 cm

Knitted with Love 7x1 cm

I Love you to the Moon 7x1 cm

Let's Stay Home 7x1 cm

With a touch of love 7x1 cm

Love Peace & Happiness 7x1 cm

Blanco 10x1,5 cm

Handmade 10x1,5 cm

Little Boy 10x1,5 cm

Little Girl 10x1,5 cm

With Love 10x1,5 cm

I Love Crocheting 10x1,5 cm

I Love Knitting 10x1,5 cm

Stay Creative 10x1,5 cm

Blanco 12x3 cm

Keep Calm and Crochet 12x3 cm

Keep Calm and Knit 12x3 cm

Keep Calm and Love 12x3 cm

Let's Crochet all day 12x3 cm

Handmade with Love 12x3 cm

Love you to the Moon 12x3 cm

Never Stop Dreaming 12x3 cm

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