Rainbow Sheep

After the rain, this rainbow sheep will cheer you up! Who doesn’t fall in love with that colourful and woolly fur? You’ll crochet this stuffed animal with different yarns: Durable Velvet, Cozy fine and a little bit of Coral. The rainbow sheep has 1 more message for you: Wish you a méêèehga lot of crochet fun!

Durable Velvet, 100% polyester, 100g/180m/197yd
Colour A: 282 Light Blue, 1 ball
Colour B: 2137 Mint, 1 ball
Colour C: 411 Mimosa, 1 ball
Colour D: 226 Rose, 1 ball
Colour E: 396 Lavender, 1 ball

Durable Cosy fine, 58% cotton & 42% polyacrylic, 50g/105m/115yd
Colour F: 2192 Pale Pink, 2 balls
Colour G: 385 Coffee, 1 ball

Durable Coral mini, 100% cotton, 20g/50m/55yd
Colour H: 310 White, 1 thread

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