Rainbow Latch hook Pillow

Latch hook is so much fun! Where it used to feel a little bit old-fashioned, it is now super trendy. With the Durable Latch Hook yarn, you can make this cheerful pillow in any color you like.

Durable Latch hook yarn, 50% cotton & 50% polyacrylic
The yarn is packed in bundles of 340 strands of 6cm/2.4” long
Colour A: 2123 Sky, 11 bundles
Colour B: 326 Ivory, 3 bundles
Colour C: 237 Fuchsia, 1 bundle
Colour D: 204 Light Pink, 1 bundle
Colour E: 2208 Cayenne, 1 bundle
Colour F: 2182 Ochre, 1 bundle
Colour G: 2137 Mint, 1 bundle
Colour H: 396 Lavender, 1 bundle

Durable Cosy, 50% cotton & 50% polyacrylic, 50g/60m/66yd
Colour I: 204 Light Pink, 2 balls

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