Block Party Mosaic Blanket

Mosaic crochet is a really fun new challenge if you’ve already mastered the basics of crochet. With this technique you can make amazing patterns. This beautiful mosaic blanket is crocheted with Durable Cozy extra fine in beautiful purple and pink tones. Or make it in your own favorite colours, of course!

Durable Cosy extra fine, 58% cotton & 42% acrylic, 50g/180m/197yd
Colour A: 2172 Cream, 13 balls
Colour B: 268 Pastel Lilac, 3 balls
Colour C: 272 Violet, 3 balls
Colour D: 249 Plum, 3 balls
Colour E: 237 Fuchsia, 2 balls
Colour F: 242 Pink Lemonade, 2 balls

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