Cross blanket

Granny squares are my favorite crochet project! I can almost crochet them with my eyes closed.. You basically have a little finished project every time you finish another square. That’s so satisfying! You can really see the blanket grow little by little when you join the squares with the ‘join-as-you-go’ method. For this blanket I used the classic granny square, as we all know it. If you work the first round with a contrasting color, it will look like a little cross sign. Hence the name ‘cross blanket’!



Durable Soqs, 75% superwash wool & 25% polyamide, 50g/210m/230yd

Color A: 211 Peach, 2 balls
Color B: 227 Antique Pink, 1 ball
Color C: 249 Plum, 1 ball
Color D: 268 Pastel Lilac, 2 balls
Color E: 406 Chestnut, 2 balls
Color F: 407 Almond, 1 ball
Color G: 413 Mustang, 2 balls
Color H: 414 Anemone, 1 ball
Color I: 422 Sesame, 2 balls
Color J: 2145 Golden Olive, 2 balls
Color K: 2235 Ash, 2 balls
Color L: 2239 Brick, 1 ball


Durable Soqs Tweed, 72% superwash wool & 25% polyamide & 3% viscose, 50g/210m/230yd

Color M: 225 Vintage Pink, 2 balls
Color N: 409 Bleached Sand, 2 balls
Color O: 417 Bombay Brown, 1 ball
Color P: 2218 Hazelnut, 2 balls