Durable Continuing Color Story

During the 1970s, crochet and knitting patterns using Durable's unbleached yarns were very popular. Everything from pot holders and blankets to café curtains and tablecloths were made from our cotton yarns. Today, these original, Dutch-quality yarns are still used for many different projects.

Over the years, we have continually extended the Durable collection. At the beginning of 2017, Cosy, Cosy Fine, Glam, Colourful, Chunky and Double Four were added to the range and the Coral colour palette was expanded to include many new shades. While the logo and the sleeves have been given a fresh, new look for the modern age, the quality of the yarns has remained the same for over 80 years! We will continue to develop new yarns and colours in the future.

Choose Durable's fantastic quality yarns for your success story.