Wooden bottoms and wall hangers

These Wooden bottoms with holes are ideal to give your crochet bag or baskets a sturdy base. Combined with Durable Macramé, which fits perfectly through the holes and available in lots of different colors you can create nice firm baskets that will fit any interior!

The following variants are available

Bottom round Ø22cm, 5mm hole

Bottom 34 x 24cm, 5mm hole

Bottom 40 x 12cm, 5mm hole

Bottom 24 x 24cm, 5mm hole

Wall hanger 5,5 x 25cm, 4mm thick

Wall hanger 5,5 x 50cm, 4mm thick

Wall hanger 5,5 x 50cm, 6mm thick

Bedframe 75 x 35cm, 5mm hole

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