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The following colors are available

M004 Norwool

M016 Norwool

M886 Norwool

M932 Norwool

M001 Norwool

M461 Norwool

M884 Norwool

M987 Norwool

M722 Norwool

M235 Norwool

210 Norwool

000 Norwool

087 Norwool

886 Norwool

881 Norwool

722 Norwool

004 Norwool

001 Norwool

M004 Norwool Plus

M000 Norwool Plus

M00932 Norwool Plus

M932 Norwool Plus

M04932 Norwool Plus

M00235 Norwool Plus

M235 Norwool Plus

M433 Norwool Plus

004 Norwool Plus

001 Norwool Plus

210 Norwool Plus

000 Norwool Plus

Durable Norwool (Plus)

Durable Norwool
Norwool is a robust yet very soft yarn. It is available in eight solid colours and ten flecked colours. This robust yarn is ideal for making socks, but also for scarfs, hats and sweaters.


 Weight:  50 g
 Meterage:  142 m
 Blend:  55% acrylic, 25% polyamide, 20% superwash wool
 Needle size:  3 - 3,5 mm


Norwool (Plus)
As this yarn features a high percentage of polyamide, Norwool Plus is even more robust than the standard Norwool yarn. It is available in eight flecked colours and four solid colours. Norwool Plus is perfect for making warm socks as well as scarves, gloves, hats and blankets. 


Weight: 100 g
Meterage: 160 m
Blend: 40% acrylic, 40% polyamide, 20% superwash wool
Needle size: 4 - 5 mm



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