Play pendant and pacifier chain Rainbow

A pacifier cord is very useful to prevent a pacifier from falling on the floor, and the pacifier is always within reach. A pacifier cord is very easy to make yourself and can be put together entirely in your own color preference.

A matching play hanger for the stroller or crib completes the set. This can also be put together yourself with the wide choice of Durable accessories.

The free crochet pattern for this pacifier cord and stroller hanger in the Rainbow variant can be downloaded here. Is this too colorful? We also have a pattern for neutral variants of these projects, which you can find here

Complete the set with the fun activity cube. You find that pattern here: Activity cube

Please note: Making your own children's toys is fun, but pay attention to the safety of the little ones. So never leave them alone while playing.

Designed by Just Kimberley

Durable Coral mini, 100% cotton, 20g/50m.
- 211 Peach: 1 ball
- 309 Light yellow: 1 ball
- 342 Atlantis: 1 ball
- 396 Lavender: 1 ball
- 2158 Light green: 1 ball
- 2195 Apricot: 1 ball

Other materials:

1mm wax cord – 019.155.1 color white 009
1 wooden ring 70mm – 020.1097
2 wooden 40 mm rings – 020.1095
1 silicon ring white – 020.1013 color white 009
3 plastic rings 30 mm pink, orange and blue – 020.1162 colors 749, 693, 298
3 Siliconen stars mint, light pink en light yellow – 020.1002 – colors 287, 749, 644