Tulip Cushions

Summer is finally here and we can sit in the garden or take a boat trip! These tulip cushions on your couch provide a colorful touch and when it rains they are also nice on the couch in the living room! The cushions are made with the versatile yarn; Durable Cosy fine. Cosy fine is a soft yarn consisting of a mix of cotton and acrylic and available in 74 colors. The Tulip Bag (also a free Durable pattern) is made with Braided fine and fits perfectly.
Design Tulip cushions: Linda Kuppers.

Durable Cosy fine 58% cotton, 42% acryl, 50g/105m

Cushion rectangle
Color A : 242 Pink Lemonade: 5 balls
Color B : 2135 Emerald : 1 ball
Color  C: 328 Ivory: 2 balls

Cushion square
Color A : 328 Ivory : 4 balls
Color B : 2135 Emerald : 1 ball
Color C: 242 Pink Lemonade: 2 balls