Neon Fanny Pack

The Neon trend from the eighties is back! Combine this trend with one of our favorite 80’s items (the fanny pack of course) and you are ready to go. And nowadays it’s totally accepted to wear the fanny pack over your shoulders.

For this fanny pack, three neon colorways were created: two fanny packs with linen as base color and neon green or pink as contrast and one fanny pack with neon orange as base color and linen as contrast.

Durable Cosy fine, 58% cotton & 42% 42% polyacrylic, 50g/105m/115yd.
Yarn A: 1547, Neon green, 1 ball 
Yarn B: 2212, Linen, 2 balls

Yarn A: 1786, Neon pink, 1 ball
Yarn B: 2212, Linen, 2 balls

Yarn A: 2212, Linen, 1 ball
Yarn B: 1693, Neon orange, 2 balls