Turtle Sjef

Do you like turtles just as much as Annemarie from CuteDutch does? Turtle Sjef is a super cute toy, who loves to go on adventures with you. With his lovely colours it is a remarkable creature in the ocean. You only have to crochet him yourself.

Durable Cosy fine, 58% cotton & 42% polyacrylics, 50g/105m
Colour A: 2158, Light Green, 1 ball
Colour B: 2223, Liver, 1 ball

Durable Cosy fine faded, 58% cotton & 42% polyacrylics, 50g/ 105m
Colour C: 2190, Coral, 1 ball
Colour D: 326, Ivory, 1 ball
Colour E: 309, Light Yellow, 1 ball

Durable Coral Mini, 100% katoen, 20g/ 50m
Colour F: 310, White, 1 ball