Chibi Rose Hanako

This tiny amigurumi girl wears an adorable flower dress, consisting of rose petals. The doll has a beautiful Japanese name meaning ‘flower child’. Hanako is made with the small Durable Coral mini balls. These balls are perfect to use for small amigurumi projects, because of their size.

For this amigurumi, two versions were made: A doll with a red rose and a doll with a yellow rose as a dress.
Durable Coral Mini, 100% cotton, 20g /50m/ 55yd.
Yarn A: 2191, Pale peach, 1 ball 
Yarn B: 2207, Ginger, 1 ball 
Yarn C: 222, Bordeaux, 1 ball 
Yarn D: 2150, Forest green, 1 ball 

Yarn A: 385, Coffee, 1 ball
Yarn B: 2230, Dark brown, 1 ball
Yarn C: 2206, Lemon Curry, 1 ball
Yarn D: 2147, Bright green, 1 ball