‘Shinrin-yoku’ scarf

‘Shinrin-yoku’ is a Japanese word translating to: forest bathing. Become one with nature when you hear the leaves rustling, the birds chirping and consciously slow down to take in all this beauty. With this scarf you do that by consciously enjoying every stitch. This beautiful scarf in two-color brioche is knitted using Durable Forest and Soqs.

Durable Forest, 45% acrylic & 18% silk & 37% merino wool, 50g/187m/205yd
Yarn A: 4018, 5 balls

Durable Soqs, 75% wool & 25% polyamide, 50g/210m/230yd
Yarn B: 406, Chestnut, 1 ball
Yarn C: 417, Bombay Brown, 1 ball
Yarn D: 2193, Topaz, 1 ball
Yarn E: 2145, Golden Olive, 1 ball
Yarn F: 409, Bleached Sand, 1 ball