Christmas Star

This cute little Christmas star is super easy and quick to work up. You start by making 2 simple circles, then join them together and make the points at the same time.

Durable Velvet, 100% polyester, 100g/180m/197yd
Yarn A: 411, Mimosa, 1 ball
Yarn B: 222, Bordeaux, 1 ball
Yarn C: 310, White, 1 ball

Durable Cosy fine, 58% cotton & 42% acrylic, 50g/105m/115yd
Yarn D: 225, Vintage Pink, very small amount for the cheeks

Durable Coral mini, 100% cotton, 20g/50m/55yd
Yarn E: 325, Black, very small amount for the eyes and smile

The pattern of the Christmas Elf can be found under this link

Used yarns