Flower Maraca

Bring spring into your home with this cheerful Flower Maraca. This nice cover for the wooden maracas is especially designed for Durable by Anniek Kampman, known for her cheerful patterns for maracas.

Durable Teddy, 100% polyamide, 50g/65m/71yd
Colour A: 2179 Honey, 1 ball

Durable Coral, 100% cotton, 50g/125m/137yd
Colour B: 228 Raspberry, 1 ball

Durable Coral Mini, 100% cotton, 20g/50m/55yd
Colour C: 352 Lime, 1 ball
Colour D: 326 Ivory, scrap of approx. 2g
Colour E: 325 Black, scrap of approx. 2g
Colour F: 2180 Bright Yellow, scrap of approx. 2g