Comfy Granny Stripe Blanket

The Granny Stripe blanket is a lovely blanket that can be used in many different ways. Use it as a cosy blanket on a chilly summer night spent outside, or to add a colourful touch to your living room. You can easily adjust the length and colours to your personal preference. Comfy comes in 58 colours, so you can pick your favourite ones to make sure the blanket matches your taste. Besides that, this is a great project for beginner crocheters!

Durable Comfy, 100% Microfiber acrylic, 100g/266m/291yd
Colour A: 2179 Honey, 4 balls
Colour B: 269 Light Purple, 4 balls
Colour C: 231 Retro Pink, 4 balls
Colour D: 2172 Cream, 4 balls
Colour E: 2155 Apple Green, 4 balls

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